Wednesday, 15 April 2009

William's outrage

The outrage expressed by the Rev William McCrea over comments made by Barbra DeBrun at Easter is not really surprising. What is surprising is that the Rev McCrea seeks to differentiate between Ms Brown and the rest of the Republican leadership. Surely even William can see that her views are the views of republicans, full stop. Those with whom William shares power take no other view than that expressed. William fears that should Ms Brown be elected top of the forthcoming European election this message will be released across the world. Yet he fails to note the globetrotting peacemaking gurus from Stormont who have spread their message worldwide. When Martin talks to the political representatives of the people of Iraq does he say anything different than Ms Brown, William should know since his party colleague Jeffrey Donaldson is frequently part of the peace selling team. When Martin and Peter talk to Presidents and Princes does Martin denounce the Provisonal movement, does Peter? William had a chance to take a stand on principle. He chose not to. The republican movement speaks with one voice and no matter what that voice says William will stand shoulder to shoulder with it in the partnership he and his colleagues have created.

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