Friday, 24 April 2009


The decision of the Government to severely limit the number of former Gurkha's who qualify to live in the UK shows that this Government is not only financially bankrupt but morally bankrupt as well. Those who have served this country so faithfully, at times with greater loyalty and commitment than some of its own citizens, deserve to be treated with the respect that their service has earned them.
Regretably, however, for this Government, the treatment of our armed services and the families of service personnel has never been a high priority. Indeed it is clear that the covenant between society and those who defend that society has been broken. Those who commit troops to war have a responsibility to ensure that they have the most appropriate equipment and support, that their families are cared for, that families are treated as equals in society and that those who leave the service are supported in adjusting to civilian life, including resettlement.

The Government has failed on so many fronts in this regard, yet even where they have tried to rectify the situation with the Service Personnel Command Paper we still find that here in Northern Ireland Sinn Fein are blocking its implementation. They are not the first to deny the rights of military personnel and they won't be the last but somehow the moral responsibility of a nation to its' troops must be met.


  1. Morally bankrupt is correct. What twisted mind frames the rules to insist upon 20 years service (a rifleman is only permitted to serve 15) or demand 3 years residence in the UK (the Gurkhas UK tour lasts 2 years), to effectively deny residence to as many as possible of these fine men?

    They were my "enemy" at Sandhurst and, ever since, I have had the utmost respect for them both as professionals and as people.

    This whole debacle has been a stain on the honour of Britain.

  2. It's a bit like the 1979 Confidence vote (Except unfortunatly without the fall of Brown's regieme). In 1979 it was an SNP inspired motion where the opposition united. It has got to be asked if the LD's are so opposed to Labour why do they not get in behind the Tories or Vice Versa more often.........


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