Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A wasted opportunity

With the declaration that the police college at Desertcreat remains £18 million overbudget surely someone in authority is asking if this project remains viable. Given that David Cameron continues to transfer disused army bases to the Northern Ireland Executive surely one of these such as St Patricks in Ballymena or Massereene in Antrim offers far better value for money. The idea of a world class police college sounds good but in the absence of a world class education estate or a world class Women's and Children's hospital wouldn't a functional police college suffice. As our children continue to be educated in 30 year old portacabins and patients are treated in Victorian era institutions is there no one in the Executive capable of standing up and saying to David Ford "enough is enough". As a society we cannot always have everything we want but those in authority should be focussed on delivering the infrastructure that we need. There are greater priorities in our society than a so called world class police college so massively over budget, even when the bells and whistles have been removed.

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